Information Overload

  • We meet so many people and have a lot of conversations.

  • We are worried that we may miss or forget something important.

  • We try to take notes but it’s distractive and requires management.

  • Audio recording is easy but it is hard to manage and inefficient to review.

Fear of A.I. Overlord

  • We are locked in the current jobs, with the skills and experience built over the time.

  • Tech companies are developing AIs that may eventually take away these jobs as well.

  • Institutional investors take the most, causing social inequality with huge income gap.

  • AI without sociological responsibility may win it all, even tech companies or investors.

Our solutions

Intelligent meeting note taker

  • It detects speech, transcribes conversations and summarizes the meeting minutes.

  • You know who you talk to and what you talked about, with your own memory palace.

Human first AI

  • Human is still more intelligent, and AI should aim to enhance that.

  • AI is a mimic of human intelligence and neural networks is a mimic of brain neurons.

  • We encode sociological responsibility into social contracts on data privacy and AI utility.

One Demo

  • INTERVIEW DEMO: a simple demo with live transcription and summary generation.

  • HOW IT WORKS: a break-down of the simple demo over an interview.

And more Plans

  • Differential products for podcasting, group conference, virtual meeting, etc.

  • Add-on services, including meeting scheduling, action lists, knowledge bases, etc.

  • Business strategy based on market segmentation study from BLS data.

  • A social company with clear equality and open management, for personal development.

Partner with us

Early adopters

  • Be the first ones to try our prototypes and provide feedbacks.

  • Discounted subscription fee for the 1st year of service.

  • Customize to your user cases.

Human First advocator

  • Join the team with talent. There will always be a fit and lame company lay-off people.

  • Promote the team with financial support, operation assistance, strategic advisory.