Our Vision

At MindWave, we seek to build an approach to understand the most intuitive and direct reflection of human intelligence, speech and conversations.

By providing Hardware as a Service, we will act as the upstream of human-information interface that not only enhance your communication skills, but also provide unprecedented add-on values to access, interact and understand information.

As a human first company, we put user privacy at first priority, using our seamless authorization management and differential privacy techniques. We build on trust and social contract, which powers the modern society.

With high quality (signal consistency + contextual rich) audio data collected from our hardware, we will be able to develop artificial intelligence on question answering, decision making, that cannot be done by YouTube videos, call center recordings, home assistant data, or other transactional conversations.

Our data will be open for researchers and developers to build AI to empower people. A person who can be a doctor with medical AI today, can be a lawyer tomorrow with legal AI or a chef with cooking AI. This is the way we believe to reduce income gap from skill-biased job market.

From augmented intelligence, to artificial intelligence, MindWave will transform the world to rethink about data, intelligence, socio-economy and humanity.

We are a YC Startup School project, with first prototype ready. We are looking for Partnerships that can share our vision and help expedite our mission towards the Tomorrowland of Human Intelligence.

We believe that Human Intelligence should come first. As human is still more intelligent and AI should aim to enhance that. AI is the new electricity but we want to be the Renaissance of the revolution.
— Domi Jin